Brandy Blair Fucking the Boss

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               Brandy's boss has fallen asleep and hasn't shown up for work in the morning. As his personal assistant, it's her duty to make sure he's alright and he's fit for his daily duties, even if that means having to drive to his place and drive him out of his bed herself. It turns out that he's awake, just kind of depressed - he hasn't had time for sex in a few days and his morning wood is demanding a lot of attention. Well, if there's one thing Brandy Blair is good at, it's taking care of raging erections. Wrapping her lips around his cock and sucking him dry was her initial plan, but it seems that the guy's got a lot of stamina - Brandy just couldn't get him to cum just by giving head, not even popping her amazing tits out and helping herself with them didn't help. She had to make sure he gets to work today, so with a sigh she decided it's time to break the secretary/boss bond they had and to turn it into something sinful - and much more interesting! The size of his cock impressed her even while she was sucking on it, and she couldn't wait to bend over and let him take her from behind. They didn't even take the time to go to the bedroom to use a big bed.

               A living room sofa was all they needed, after all, Brandy wanted to have her boss on the move to work as soon as she was done fucking him. Turns out he wanted to lick her a bit first, just to pay back the favour of her sucking his cock, only after he teased her shaved pussy thoroughly did he stick his meat stick up her snatch and make her moan loudly. What Brandy didn't expect was for her boss to be such a good fuck, she was ready to cum much before he was on the edge of his cum explosion. The fact that his fingers teased her clit while his cock slammed in and out of her pussy did nothing to hold her orgasm down and she came pretty messily, first of the two happy endings she experienced with her boss. Seeing how she's an experienced secretary and an experienced slut, she sensed when her boss was close to unloading so she got down on her knees, opening her mouth wide and looking up at him, the sight of her hot face, blond hair and dark eyes just waiting to be covered with sperm was more than her boss could hold up against so he messily facialized her at the end of their morning porn encounter.

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